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How to Use AI Tools to Write Better Code


Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we work, and the field of software development is no exception. AI tools are now available that can help you write better code, faster and easily. In this blog post, we will discuss some AI tools that can be used to improve coding productivity. AI tools can help you write better code in many ways. For example, AI tools can:

  • Generate code. AI tools can generate code based on your natural language instructions. This can save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you are working on a complex project.
  • Suggest improvements. AI tools can analyze your code and suggest improvements. This can help you to identify and fix errors, and to improve the readability and efficiency of your code.
  • Document your code. AI tools can generate documentation for your code. This can help you to understand your code better and to make it easier for others to understand and maintain your code.

There are many popular AI tools for coders available today. Some of the most popular tools are the following:

1- BlackBox AI

Blackbox provides a bunch of products that can help you write better code.

  • The Blackbox extension lets you copy any text from coding tutorials which will let you save time.
  • The Blackbox search gives you the most accurate code on the internet that answers your questions. It can answer any question and lets you learn at your own pace instead of getting lost in Google's suggestions.
  • The Auto-complete gives you suggestions and recommendations based on your needs. No need to stop you from your momentum you will have suggestions while you code and also search for code while you work.

This AI technology also Helps you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that many beginners encounter. BlackBox AI Gives you the confidence and skills to succeed as a coder.

2. Safurai

Safurai is an AI-based IDE extension designed to assist developers with coding, debugging, and refactoring. It acts as a virtual assistant, providing solutions and suggestions for any issues that may arise during the software development process. With Safurai, developers can improve their workflow and code quality, making the development process more efficient and streamlined. Safurai provides the following tools:

  • The Textbox - The Text Box allows you to ask Safurai what you need in terms of code or knowledge.
  • Code Shortcuts - Code Shortcuts work by highlighting the code. You can also edit the default settings relative to Safurai keyboard shortcuts.
  • Train Your Assistant - By using this, Safurai will have the full context of your project. Then Safurai will make a much more specific suggestion in response to each request. You will also be able to access the "Super Search" function.
  • Super Search

3- Mars AI

Mars is a dev tool (Dev Tool) that lets you start building using No-Code and zero-coding skills as long as you stay within the scope of existing micro apps. For example, you can 100% No-Code an Uber-like marketplace. However, if you need to make something completely custom, you need to use the Mars Code interface that lets you enter a proper full-scale coding IDE and create your custom logic. So, unlike Bubble, Mars won't let you build anything with No-Code. Why didn't we make it just like Bubble? Because we believe that the project should start as No-Code and it needs to be simple, so you do not need to pass the course and study in the academy. Once you overgrow the No-Code capabilities it makes sense to switch to Code. If you are using other No-Code tools, you would have to just throw away everything you've made and start building from scratch using custom programming technics. The main innovation behind Mars is that once you overgrow the No-Code, you can just switch the coding interface from No-Code to Code. You will not lose anything you've built, not the data, not the logic. You can even continue building simple parts using No-Code and more complicated parts using Code.

4- Source AI

SourceAI is an AI-powered tool that can generate code in any programming language from any human language description. It can also simplify, find errors and fix them and debug your code. How does it work? First, you have to select a programming language, then in the text area, you describe what you want to generate as code. And in a few seconds, you have your code. They have trained GPT-3 on high-quality code in more than 40 programming languages and it evokes innovative and resistant solutions to all the problems you pose to it!

5- Phind

Phind is a search engine that simply tells users what the answer is. Optimized for developers and technical questions, Phind instantly answers questions with detailed explanations and relevant code snippets from the web.

Phind is powered by large AI language models. Unlike some other AI assistants, Phind pulls information from the internet and is always up to date. It's smart enough to generate answers based on information from multiple sources. With Phind, finding information is as seamless and informative as talking to a friend.

6- Codeium

Codeium is the modern coding superpower, a code acceleration toolkit built on cutting-edge AI technology. Currently, Codeium has two main capabilities: Autocomplete, which suggests the code you want to type, saving you time on everything from boilerplate to unit tests, and Search, which helps you search through your repository using natural language questions. With easy integration into editors, we want you to focus on being the best software developer, not the best code monkey.

7- DevGPT

DevGPT combines ChatGPT and our 30+ mini-dev tools to help you test public APIs, query databases, generate code and interactive art, and a lot more in just seconds to help you save 10s of hours every week! Some features are the following:

  • Generate Config for Public APIs in a click
  • Query Postgres Databases with Plain English
  • Generate and Execute Code within their chat interface
  • Give wings to your creativity
  • Test APIs and Manage Databases with ease