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Design Websites Instantly with Framer AI - The AI-Powered Website Designer


Framer just released their new AI site generator feature which allows you to create websites by just writing out prompts. Now you don't even have to write code and you don't have to draw rectangles, all you need is to write a great prompt. Yeah I know it's quite amazing and so in this blog post, I am going to give you an overview of it. How to use this Framer AI Site Builder effectively so you can create a live responsive working website for yourself or your company? All you need is a free Framer account.

Lets give Framer AI a try and see what we can create.

Let's see what we can create with Framer AI and then decide if it's the right tool for us.

Step 1:

First login to your Framer account and go to the dashboard


Step 2:

Now click on "Start with AI" to get started.


Step 3:

After that, you will now see the Framer interface with a Desktop sized canvas that has a "Start with AI" button. Click on it.


Step 4:

After clicking the button, you will see a dialog box, asking you to enter a text prompt. Now the real game comes here! **"What you will enter here, will directly affect the results that Framer AI will create". ** So be more expressive and creative while writing a text prompt. I am going to try the following text prompt. Let's see what it creates.

"Create a website for an agency that provides web development, mobile app development, and digital marketing services. The website should be eye catchy, attractive, and modern."


Step 5:

It will take a few seconds or probably a minute, for loading and creating a design for you according to your text prompt.


Step 6:

OMG, the results are mind-blowing! Check, it created a design with complete responsiveness.


Step 6:

If you don't like the colors, you can shuffle the colors by clicking the "Shuffle" button on the right sidebar. If you don't like the design that Framer AI has generated, you can regenerate it and can also change the text prompt on the right sidebar.


Step 7:

Now I want to publish my website. And believe me, it is very simple and a click away from going live. Just simply click the "Publish" button on the top right corner.

Step 8:

Now enter the name of your website. I will the URL of the website. I gonna enter "today-ai-tools-test". You can give it any name that you want. Now click the "Publish" button. Then it will show the success message with the URL of your website. You can see the website that I generated in this tutorial here:


My Final Words

My final words are "Framer AI site generator is an amazing and jaw-dropping feature. Now you can design and publish your site in minutes". Are you thinking that AI will replace the designers? My answer is a big No! "AI is not gonna replace anyone, it will make the process easier for the one who gets help from AI tools". Keep yourself updated with the latest tools, that's why I am here to keep you updated on the latest AI tools, and news. Check some of more latest tools click here